Black Momma Vodka 1.75L Mega Gluten-free 8x Distilled

Vanessa Braxton, First African American Woman Distiller and Master Blender in the US and beyond . Since 2013, Black Momma Vodka was produced and blended with NY State Farmed Corn, NO Sugar, Gluten Free and Charcoal Filtered.

When you support Black Momma Vodka the taxes come back to our community.

We are Craft Manufacturers in the USA!

* 8x Distilled and Filtered

* Rolling Stones Best Vodka 2021!

* Handcrafted with NY Raw Ingredients!

* Size: 1.75L

* Great Taste with a Great Value Price!

" it's Better than Tito's" says @urfriendcharles on IG

Tasting notes
The meticulous 8x distillation process ensures a purity that accentuates the vodka's crisp finish and delivers a remarkably smooth and clean taste profile.

*Tasting Panel: 90 points

Very Smooth